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Above Ground Storm Shelters for the Southwest

 The Southwest region of the United States experiences a range of severe weather conditions that can necessitate the protection offered by above-ground storm shelters. Tornadoes alongside severe thunderstorms and the unique meteorological phenomenon known as dust storms or “haboobs.” These intense dust storms, along with tornadoes, pose significant threats to safety and property, making the installation of storm shelters a wise precaution to mitigate potential damages and ensure community safety.

States Served in the SOUTHwest

South west region served for Above Ground Storm Shelter

Why Pro Storm for your SouthwesT Facility Storm Shelters?

Opting for a hassle-free above-ground storm shelter in the Southwest is a strategic decision for facility owners. Such shelters are particularly beneficial due to their quick installation process often requiring no more than 2 hours and minimal site preparation, which is a significant advantage in the often hard, dry soils of the region. Without the need for extensive excavation or concrete foundations, these shelters offer a practical and efficient solution. Above-ground shelters are adaptable and can provide much-needed protection against the severe thunderstorms, occasional tornadoes, and pervasive dust storms characteristic of the Southwest, ensuring the safety and continuity of industrial and community operations.


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