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Above Ground Storm Shelters for the midwest

The mid-west region of the United States also known as “Tornado Alley”, is notorious for its severe weather patterns, including some of the most dangerous storms in the world. This region is prone to tornadoes in spring and early summer and tornados can range from small, relatively weak tornadoes to massive EF5 storms with winds exceeding 200 miles per hour that can lead to widespread displacement of communities, and industrial facilities leaving a long-term social and economic impact. 

States Served in the midwest

Mid-West Region served for Above Ground STorm shelters

Why Pro Storm for your midwesT Facility Storm Shelters?

A hassle-free above-ground storm shelter in Tornado Valley is a no-brainer for any facility owner. With no excavating or concrete needed and only prepping the site for the shelter, along with only taking 2 hours to install is a huge up for any industrial facility not interrupting any facility’s work process.

exceed FEMA 320, FEMA 361, ICC Compliant and NSSA Standards

With seamless 4” thick, steel-reinforced walls & ceiling protecting your employees from flying debris.

250lbs 3/16” thick steel door

Cannot be penetrated by wind or debris thrown at the door, opens and closes easily, and locks at 3 points.

6” steel-reinforced floor

No need for a concrete pad to be poured on your site, saving your facility money, time and making installation convenient for you and your employees.


Contact us today for any questions over our above ground storm shelters to see if our shelters make sense for your business!

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