Tornado and Storm Shelters in Iowa

Iowa Above Ground Storm Shelters

Iowa’s seasonal weather can pose a serious threat to workplace safety. From sudden thunderstorms and hail to devastating tornadoes, severe weather events pose an immediate risk to workers. Businesses in Iowalooking for industrial storm shelter solutions need a reliable and practical way to protect their workforce.

Our Storm Shelter Benefits:

  • Shelters installed above ground require minimal site preparation and can be installed quickly, minimizing disruptions.

  • A variety of property types can be accommodated with our NO HASSLE services, making underground shelters difficult in Iowa.

  • The shelters can withstand the brutal weather that Iowa is known for, including high winds, hail, and flying debris.

  • FEMA-Compliant Safety: To ensure your shelter can withstand severe storms and tornadoes, all of our shelters meet FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500 standards.

Tornado Shelters in Iowa for Severe Weather

Iowa’s extreme weather conditions, including devastating tornadoes, can be withstand by our shelters, providing unparalleled safety. As a dependable refuge in challenging times, each shelter is constructed using superior materials that guarantee durability and trustworthiness, adhering to and surpassing FEMA 361 and 320 standards.

Storm shelters for Iowa facilities that are easy to install and require low maintenance

Quick & No Hassle Installation

We guarantee that your shelter will be installed swiftly and efficiently, usually within two hours, causing minimal disruptions to your property.

Simple Maintenance

Built with long-lasting materials and exceptional craftsmanship, our tornado shelters are low-maintenance, giving you more time for peace of mind.

Pro Storm Providing Shelter and Dependability in | Iowa

By installing industrial above ground storm shelters, you’re making a smart investment in your employees’ safety and your company’s future. Don’t wait for a storm to strike – be prepared and provide your workforce with the protection they deserve. Contact Pro Storm Shelters today for reliable service.

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