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Above Ground Storm Shelters for the Rocky Mountain Region

The Rocky Mountain region, encompassing states like Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana, is no stranger to diverse and severe weather conditions that justify the need for robust above-ground storm shelters. This area, while known for its majestic mountains and scenic landscapes, is also prone to a variety of intense weather phenomena. From severe thunderstorms and significant snowstorms to the occasional tornado, these conditions pose real threats to safety and property. The installation of storm shelters in this region is a prudent measure to mitigate potential damages and ensure the safety of communities and facilities.

States Served in the Rocky Mountain Region

Rocky Mountain Region Area Served
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Wyoming
  • Montana

Why Choose Pro Storm Shelters for Your Rocky Mountain Facility Storm Shelters?

Choosing Pro Storm for your above-ground storm shelter needs in the Rocky Mountain region is a strategic decision for any facility owner. These shelters are especially valuable due to their ease of installation, often completed in under 2 hours with minimal site preparation. This is a considerable benefit given the varied terrain and soil conditions in the region, ranging from rocky mountainous areas to flatter, drier plains. Above-ground shelters negate the need for extensive excavation or concrete foundations, presenting a practical and efficient protective solution. These adaptable shelters are crucial for safeguarding against the region’s severe thunderstorms, heavy snowfalls, and rare tornadoes, ensuring the safety and operational continuity of both industrial and community entities.


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