Reasons Why Above Ground Storm Shelters Are a Smart Investment

When the skies darken and severe weather warnings echo through the airwaves, nothing compares to the peace of mind that comes with having a safe and secure place for you and your loved ones. Above ground storm shelters offer this peace, and they’re increasingly regarded as a smart investment for homeowners and businesses alike. Here are compelling reasons to consider an above ground storm shelter from Pro Storm Shelters, the premier provider of industrial-quality safe havens designed with employee safety in mind.

No Hassle Installation

Pro Storm Shelters has revolutionized the installation process. Traditional below-ground shelters often entail time-consuming excavation and concrete work. The beauty of an above ground shelter is that it bypasses these hassles. Pro Storm Shelters’ units weigh 24,000 pounds and require no excavating, concrete pouring, or cranes for installation. They deliver and install the shelter directly to your location, making the setup a breeze, and they can do it in just 2 hours.

Tough and Sturdy Construction

When facing a storm, you need a shelter that will stand its ground. The above ground storm shelters manufactured by Pro Storm Shelters are built with durability at their core. With 4-inch steel walls and a 250-pound door, these shelters are designed to exceed FEMA 320/361 and NSSA standards. They have been reviewed and tested by third-party engineers and are ICC 500/NSSA compliant, tested in Lubbock Texas at Texas Tech. Such robust construction ensures that these shelters can withstand winds up to 250mph, typical of an EF5 tornado.

Safe and Accommodating

Safety is the foremost priority. Pro Storm Shelters are engineered to not only be durable but also safe for occupants. Each shelter has an emergency escape hatch, a feature that is critical should the main entrance become blocked. Ventilation shafts ensure a breathable environment during the time you need to remain sheltered. These units are sized to hold up to 16 people, providing five square feet per person, within their 8’ x 10’ x 8’4” exterior dimensions.

Meeting and Exceeding Standards

Going beyond the minimum requirements is a benchmark of Pro Storm Shelters. The above ground storm shelters they offer aren’t just built to meet existing standards but to exceed them. That speaks volumes of their commitment to quality and safety. This is not only about following guidelines but ensuring actual safety in real-world severe weather incidents.

Flexibility and Minimal Impact

For businesses or facilities that cannot afford the downtime or landscape impact of constructing traditional shelters, the above ground options offer enhanced flexibility. There is no need for concrete pads or digging, which can be intrusive and often require additional permits or longer lead times.

Long-Term Investment

An above ground storm shelter is a long-term investment in safety. Not only does it serve as a refuge in times of immediate need, but it also adds value to your property. Businesses can benefit from the assurance of employee safety, which can be a moral booster and a point of responsible operation. Homeowners rest easy knowing they have a secure shelter that won’t depreciate in value and is always ready at a moment’s notice.


Considering the potential for property damage and loss of life, the investment in an above ground shelter is cost-effective. The direct and indirect costs of recovering from a severe storm or tornado can be overwhelming. Above ground shelters are a onetime investment that provides countless savings over time by protecting what’s most valuable.

Quick Response Time

With Pro Storm Shelters, you are not only purchasing a superior product but also a quick response to your needs. Their quick installation time ensures you won’t be left waiting when storm season is upon you. The faster your shelter is in place, the sooner you have the secure space you need.


Above ground storm shelters are not just another addition to your home or business; they are a smart investment in safety, peace of mind, and long-term resilience. With the strong, no-hassle shelters provided by Pro Storm Shelters, you can be confident in your ability to withstand nature’s most severe outbursts. Invest in an above ground storm shelter today to protect yourself tomorrow. Contact Pro Storm Shelters to request a quote and further safeguard what matters most to you. Visit for more information and to see how their shelters make sense for your safety needs.

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